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Homeschool California

More About Homeschool California

Homeschool California was launched in 2023 by Rubie Martinez. Rubie is a licensed teacher in the State of California and works in the San Diego Unified School District teaching elementary school students. She is passionate about helping children and parents succeed in meeting their education goals. She loves spending time with her family and dog named Boba, volunteering her time at her Church, and sightseeing in beautiful southern California.


Our content, curriculum, and resources provide parents the tools they need to deliver great content for their children. This saves parents time, effort, and energy to focus on all of the many other challenges they face at home and work. 

Why Homeschooling is a Great Choice

Recent studies have shown the negative stereotypes of homeschooled children receiving subpar education and being social awkward in comparison to their public school counterparts has been shown to be false. In fact, the opposite has been proven to be true in many different studies. A Harvard Study conducted in 2021 show homeschooled children are less susceptible to depression, drug use, and alcoholism - and that they are more likely to engage in community service and attend religious services. 

Post-COVID, more and more parents are turning to homeschooling their children. Parents are seeking greater control over the content their children are being taught, especially as controversies continue to mount in the public schools regarding the limitations of political ideology making its way into the classroom, as well as the fact that math and reading test scores have recently plummeted to a new 50 year low

Providing Parents the Tools  They Need to Teach 

Taking on the responsibility of educating your child can seem like a daunting task. Some parents may be asking themselves these questions: 

  • Would I be capable to teaching my children everything they need to know to be successful in college? 

  • How would I know what they need to know and at what age?

  • How do I go about making lesson plans and curriculum? 

  • How do I conduct testing? 

  • What benchmarks should my child make and when?

  • What do I do if my child isn't making the expected progress?

  • Is my homeschool curriculum in accordance with California standards?

  • What sort of academic enrichment field trips should we take?

Rubie from Homeschool California Answers These Questions
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